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Connecting Horizons Needs You!  

Help us improve the lives of families and individuals with special needs in our community. 

Here are five ways you can help us reach our goals:

Become an everyday advocate!  

Speak up when your input is asked, speak up when your opinion is not asked. You have power in your hands, everybody has a sphere of influence somewhere.  We need to think of us and what small changes you can make to help improve the quality of life for all in our community. 


Volunteer during events, volunteer for programs, or volunteer as a Committee Member, the choices are endless.  We can work with diverse schedules and skillsets.  Training will be provided, and we can help you track your volunteer hours if needed.  Remember, if you do not have enough work experience to get hired, volunteering is a great way to bridge the gap between school and a career. 


If you have the extra funds we have the need.  Everything worthwhile needs funding and we are no different.  You can donate to support our overall programming or give to a specific initiative like our Para-transit Pilot Program.  Connecting Horizons is a non-profit organization.  We will be pursuing charity status in 2021 but cannot give charitable receipts towards taxes at the current time.  

Model our gear! 

Get caught sporting our merch!  If you have not bought our promotional items you can support us in the community by sharing our posts, liking or following our social media accounts and taking the opportunity to work us into public conversations to keep Connecting Horizons on everybody’s radar.   

Share your opinion!

Participate in our community engagement attempts like surveys or other consultation methods.  Review our services.  We are new and want to offer the best quality of service to Kahnawakerohnon.  We need your feedback to improve.  Join the conversation.